Why b:core + Breaking Down our Barre Program

We opened b:core for a specific purpose and deeply rooted commitment to bringing the best in the fitness industry right here to Charlottesville.  With the doors to our barre studio open and thriving, our full cardio barre and ‘core cardio’ class schedule planned to launch in mid-January, and the much anticipated megaformers + lagree ‘core’ method coming later in the spring, it seems like it’s the appropriate time to break down the biggest question we face: why b:core, and how is #bcorebarre different than other barre studios?

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Well, from our programming to our experience, we’re very different than the other methods in Charlottesville, and that’s not by mistake. We are committed to some fundamental core values that live and breathe through our programming and education at b:core, as well as at our ‘other half,’ MADabolic.
From a barre perspective, the short answer to how we are different (and why?) is that we’re focused on building barre athletes.  We promote function and strength at the core of our programming and structure, to ensure that our clients are getting the safest, most effective, and most transferrable benefits from our classes into their everyday lives.  Our goal is for our clients gain strength in body, mind, and community, and it starts at the core.
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We believe in experience and education as the critical components of being fitness professionals, which includes having all of our teachers barre certified by Exhale Spa and the founders of their core fusion programming.  Exhale is the barre industry’s leading and most credible barre training, developed and proven by the couple who have been leading the barre industry for the last 30 years, and who founded what we now know as barre fitness.
As we continue our focus on barre, we’ll break down these top 5 strengths and differences of ours as a studio, a barre team, and as an overall program; digging deeper into the roots of ‘why‘ b:core.
[Core Components:]
1. Education + Training
2. Teachers + Development
3. Fundamental Beliefs + Functional Purpose [of movement]
4. Core Principles
5. Health + Wellness: the ‘why’ behind the whole damn thing
We’ll cover each of these strengths, and the depths of their roots over the next week as we focus in on barre and prepare to launch our full cardio barre and cardio 45 (non-barre) preview week [read: free community classes] beginning next Wednesday, January 20th.
Learn the ‘why’ behind our methods, and then come check us out for yourself! [Register here]