This is where the barre enthusiast and cardio athlete will find challenging diversity from other methods with evolving daily programming, and expertly researched and safe movements for all bodies and fitness levels.

Our barre fusion classes provide focused full body workouts designed to increase muscle strength, definition, and length through small range, low-impact movements. Taking an athletic approach to barre, we focus on isolated movements, functional alignment, and flexibility as we work through targeted muscle groups to get your muscles shaking and your heart pumping.

We engage, challenge, and recover in each class, working muscles to fatigue and then stretching them back out for longer, stronger muscles. Our teachers are all barre certified by Exhale Spa, and mentored by the Exhale + Core Fusion Founders Fred DiVeto and Elisabeth Halfpap to bring you an the highest quality of results oriented instruction, education, and knowledge in the barre industry.

Our 'core' cardio programming delivers a high intensity and aerobic driven cardio series to get your heart pumping and muscles shaking - all building endurance and challenging your body to reach it's next fitness level. Blending both isometric and full range motion, our cardio will push you to a new level of functional, core, and full body strength.

Our cardio barre class blends the best of barre fusion with our high intensity and aerobic driven cardio series to get your heart pumping before finishing out the class with thighs, glutes and curl. If you're a cardio lover but like the shake and structure of our barre series, this is the class for you and your sweat life.

b:core introduces a completely new 'core' concept to Charlottesville that brings strength, cardio, and total body conditioning to the next level with lagree fitness method's patented megaformers. In our core classes you'll get the most challenging, most innovative, and most effective resistance training you've ever experienced.

We use slow and controlled movements to strengthen, tone, and challenge your whole body to it's core while creating longer and leaner muscles. Each class is uniquely designed to deliver results through a low-impact, high intensity, and full-body sweat. With hundreds of movements and resistance options on the megaformer, you'll be met by a new challenge each day - so you, and your muscles, will never get bored.

Classes are led by a core team of certified coaches who will educate you, push you, and inspire you to find new limits - and results - in your own body. Attention is personalized with classes maxing at 12 people, providing a controlled class structure ensures that you are being properly and effectively coached to get the most out of every movement. If you want the most out of your time and energy, you want our core programming.