2016: Building Strength in Community

For obvious reasons 2015 has been a pretty exciting one for us.  From building the brand, the vision, the team, the actual walls….and of course the amazing barre community that is helping to form such a strong foundation for this ‘core’ life we’re so excited to complete.  From beginning to end, the support has been amazing, and we thank you, Charlottesville.

b:core methods charlottesville barre cardio core sign

We’ve got quite a bit to look forward to in 2016; from our cardio barre and ‘core’ cardio 45 minute classes both joining the regular schedule towards the end of this month, to the much anticipated and ever so intense megaformers that will be making their Charlottesville debut this spring, it’s hard to not be tremendously excited for what’s to come.

b:core methods charlottesville barre cardio core megaformers

Yes, the future is a strong one, truly, but we don’t want to wish away time or take for granted any part of the last 4 months — we are so grateful. That being said, thank you to everyone who has contributed their time, support and energy to helping build b:core into exactly what it is, and what it will be.  Thank you to all of the amazing clients that have invested not only in their fitness and health, but also in their actual physical education, allowing us to share our knowledge, our methods, and also our passion – both in and outside of the barre studio. Thank you to our amazing team for their dedication to not only what we do and what we stand for, but also to their teaching and every one of the clients that they feel so connected to, and spend their ‘off’ hours considering as they plan their classes and develop their teaching even further.

So, thank you a million times over, we cannot wait to take on our strongest year yet – with you.